Mark Silverman, CFP®

Silverman + Associates

Mark is a widely recognized leader in the Tucson financial planning & advisor community, having served on the local Financial Planning Association (FPA) board. He is also an active member of Real Estate & Allied Professions (REAP), Foothills Club of Tucson (FCT), Caballeros del Sol (CABS) and Southern Arizona Estate Planning Council (SAEPC). He hosts a podcast called, $aving With $ilverman, focusing on financial and retirement planning, as well as, investing.

Mark Silverman, CFP® specializes in a holistic, client-centered form of financial planning. Mark believes that understanding a client’s history is critical to knowing the client and setting appropriate goals. Financial planning can be a brilliant process, but it is only as good as the targets that are set. And, we can’t establish the right targets unless we ask the right questions. Biographical questions help you to gather information about the client’s past and present life that will give you clues concerning the following:

Background—family and work history
Past experiences that consciously or unconsciously influence current financial beliefs and behaviors
Current family circumstances and responsibilities
Current transitions with financial implications
Transitions likely to be experienced in the future
Fears and concerns
Values and priorities
Plans and dreams

A successful Financial Life Planning® practice is built on asking the right questions. That is because good communication is more about listening than it is about talking. The goal of Financial Life Planners is to really get to know their clients in order to tailor their advice to each individual’s circumstances, goals, and values. To this end, Financial Life Planners will continually seek to perfect their inquiry skills. Our Financial Life Planning process will help you get to the heart of your values and priorities, and a create a framework to align your financial plan with your life goals.